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I love dolls, always have. Even my Mom loves dolls. I made one for her birthday, and I believe it was one of the best gifts I ever gave her. She loved the doll so much! I made more for her after that. 

Bunnies reading Hare the One at their Easter Read and Lunch Party.

Bunnies reading Hare the One at their Easter Read and Lunch Party.


Playing with dolls was a hobby for me, growing up.  I would have fun dressing the dolls, I would played with them having a fun storyline to entertain myself for hours.  Now as an adult, I rekindled my love for dolls by making them as an art form to capture the carefreeness I had as a child playing with dolls for hours.  I designed and make long flowing unique gowns and dresses. Or I embellish a simple outfit with beads and findings. You also see that I have even written storylines for the dolls.

I started my doll business in 2006. Selling dolls to the public, to those who continue to want to show their love for dolls by displaying them around the house or even office. It's a way to signify the carefreeness of childhood play.


Viola the Violinist

Viola and the golden trimmed violin.  For while she plays she turns and turns in her dress filled of trim and lace, the air is filled with her cape that keeps her dress tighty and in place.  

The Healer

This was made for a customer who wanted to have a doll made for a friend who was diagnosed with cancer.  This handmade doll was with healing in mind. Just as a harp is healing. 

Healer Harpist

Healer Harpist

Steampunk Yoga

Steampunk Yoga


No matter what century we are in, yoga stays the same. Inner peace, inner intention for peace.