Easter Bunnies Story

Story of Bunnies during the Easter season.

Chocolate bunnies

Lily listens to Mary Lop recites a poem from Hare The One









In the deep forests of Sleepy Hollow, New York, bunny rabbits and hares were getting ready to gather together for the Easter season. Every year, families of bunny rabbits would volunteer their underground homes for this celebration.  Each member would bring a dish for the lunch and would bring their own copy of their favorite book called Hare, The One. Each bunny would share their favorite passages with one another and then analyze their own thoughts about what they read. Incidentally the Hare the One was a collection of poetry writings that ancient Rabbits had written for the occasion of the Easter season and other holidays as well.  It shared the happy times of the holiday and the more trying times of the holiday.  Each bunny, after reading and sharing their thoughts on the reading, one of the passages in the book, would then receive a critique from the other Bunny members of the group.  It was an opportunity for them to see what meaning they might have missed within the readings. Afterwards, lunch would be served. It was more of a potluck, as each bunny would bring their favorite dish to share with the other bunnies. Now this particular group of bunny rabbits  were big fans of carrots.  Not all bunnies have a preference for carrots, but this time around carrots were a major theme in the ingredients of the dishes.



In fact this group loved them enough to actually make different types of carrot dishes.  Chili con carrot, carrot with Timothy Hay a la mode, carrot hay stew, carrot hay chops and carrot hay burgers and for dessert someone would bring a carrot pudding. To drink, there was willow and hay tea. It was a great time to look forward to after the cold winters where food is a bit scarce and the feeling to stay warm indoors was most strong.  Six members would be coming to Mary Lop’s home for the Easter reading and lunch.  For Mary volunteered to host this year. Mary was a chocolate brown bunny will floppy long ears. Mary’s sister, Beatriz, who a caramel color bunny with long floppy ears, would travel from Tarrytown, to Mary’s home a head of time to lend a hand in preparing for the afternoon reading and lunch. Mary and Beatriz prepared extra rooms in Mary’s underground home. Because there were going to be those who would stay overnight or even for a week or so.  Because this reading and lunch went on for two days and it could be too exhausting to go home afterwards. Rest was needed. And heading home refreshed was very smart and safe idea, as each bunny had to keep their wits about them. Easter was made into a wonderful time for them. But years ago, it was not always so wonderful. For mostly it was a time when humans hunted bunnies to eat or were bought at stores because their children begged to have a bunny. Only to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere, in a strange environment, because they underestimated the care of a bunny.  This unfortunate happening still goes on today. So, bunnies devised a plan. Easter had a major theme of rabbits, which Bunnies didn’t feel too happy about. At first it was thought of as Bunnies being revered and cherished.  No this was a way to lure them out of the holes to be taken, sometimes as temporary pets and other times served as meals. And to make matters worst, human stores would encourage it, by making and baking chocolate bunny rabbits. They were confection of course. But the Bunnies believed it was still building a human appetite for Bunny rabbits particularly around Easter. Bunny James Rex, a bunny psychologist, who lived in a small forest off of Saxon Woods, in the city of Mamaroneck was very much aware of these tactics. He will be attending Mary’s reading and lunch and was preparing to leave for Mary’s underground home.  He knew more about the history behind Easter. In fact his own ancestors were one of the many bunny writers who wrote some of the poems in Hare, The One.  Bunny James would travel from time to time into town to observe and study the behaviors of the humans, in order to validate the findings of his ancestors. Bunny James would get a glimpsed at the human store windows filled with chocolate bunnies wrapped in yellow, pink, blue, purple see through plastic. Bunny James’ ears would twitch as he would hear a human youngling say to the adult one that he or she wanted a chocolate bunny for Easter and that when they did get one, they would eat the ears first. “What a horrible, inbunny (for humans it would be inhuman) unimaginable thing to say,” he thought to himself.  It was such an atrocity. The ancient rabbits had known this for some time and they left guidelines for rabbits all over the world that at Easter, it was a time to gather together and stay put, to be out of the eyes of humans who were looking to make a meal out of them. But for the many holiday seasons, the ancient rabbits created Easter readings and lunch to be served, to promote thought provoking readings and conversations, other than a time of hiding from Humans. That in spite of the fear of being caught up a net and taken by humans, they were looking to improve their minds, build their intellect to the highest.  For one day, the Bunny rabbit would look the human in the eye and say to the human, (in the human language), “We are not for eating only for Friendship.”  For now bunnies have been known to grunt (the Lop bunnies were known for this).  Or they say nothing at all and speak telepathically, using the nose twitch technique or the use of the stomping foot technique.


Bunny Harry Havana and his brother Harold Havana were at the home packing for the journey. Harry Havana was a brown bunny with white specks and Harold was brown all over. They were both grocers and ran a grocery store on the corner of the underground hutch.  The Havana hutch store stocked everything from food to untreated straw hats, willow made baskets to timothy hay, grass hay and legume hay and alfa sprouts. They were packing some of the items for sleeping courters at Mary’s underground home. They each packed their own copies of Hare, the One books.  They lived underground by the sound. They grew a lot of their items in the store. They also collected items from trips they made to various lawns and hills where humans tossed as trash. But they mostly looked at items that were recyclable and safe to use, so that Bunnies and their families could live and eat healthy and safely. A bunny’s health was very important to maintain as was there plan one day to say to humans that they were worthy as friends not temporary pets or food stuff.   But it would be a wonderful celebration. As it’s also was a way to do a little business and marketing. It was an effort to let the bunny community know what new items are on the bunny market. 


Lily Angora an earth brown full furry hair bunny and her husband Checker Harlequin whose coat was two different types of brown (dark brown and chestnut colorings). The were getting ready for Mary’s Easter read and lunch.  Lily, a chef was having a difficult time on deciding what food to bring. She had made 10 dishes. “Oh Li, why on earth did you make so many.”  said Checker exasperated. Checker was an accountant in the family. “We will be away for at least a week, the food will spoil.”  “Oh hay really does keep, but the carrots are the ones I’m concerned about, that’s why I cooked them into some of the dishes.  Well, I’ll pack them all, “ Lilly said.  But what about your private hay for the use of the bathroom, and for sleeping,” said Checker. Oh, well you’ll carry it my dear”, she winked at him.  “Nothing doing, he said blandly. “My bad back won’t allow it.”  “Fine”, she said. Then  I’ll give a call to Mary and see if she has any extra hay for bathroom and sleeping quarters.  She went to the back of their underground hut, and stomped out the message to reach Mary.  She spelled out Mary Lop with her foot. Almost like morse code, but louder. Then Mary receiving the message, replied that she was on the underground line.  Lily stomped out, “Mary I’m so sorry to interrupt you while you’ll working, but I was wondering could I have some of your stash of timothy hay for bathroom and sleeping quarters? The reason why I ask is because, well, I cooked 10 dishes and there’s no way I can bring the ten dishes along with my timothy hay.  I’m so sorry.”  Then Mary stomped back “hahaha, oh Lily a bunny chef you are. We have plenty for your usage when get here. My sister Bea just brought some back from her home in Tarrytown. Also Harry and Harold are coming, and they packed a  load of timothy hay and alfa sprouts,” said Mary.  Lily replied “Excellent! I’m so glad”, she said with relief.  We will see you in a couple of days. Many nose twitches, Lily stomped out. And receiving a message back from Mary, “anytime, safe journey for you both”.  “Ok Checker we are all set”, said Lily with satisfaction. “Oh good”, said Checker, rolling his eyes but fully relieved. “Now”, said Lily, how do I pack these food dishes.”  Checker hopped quietly out of the room.  “Checker? Checker?”

All the bunnies were heading out to get ready for their Easter reading and luncheon.