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This blog is especially for those with an interest of doll artistry, and for those who are new to this wonderful art form.  In this blog, you will have a chance to learn about the concepts and visions behind the world of doll artistry.  Although it goes a little beyond technique.  It is more about vision, and how the fabrics and types of art styles can allow for an artful expression.  This blog is meant to introduce you to this form of art and to open opportunities for you to learn about the wonderful work of doll art.



Talking Artwork

Harpers Under The Sky Single.jpeg

I was wondering if paintings ever talk to each other. From the subjects in the painting, to other paintings in the room.  It's a funny question to be asking but I just wonder.   Now as art, there is an opportunity to express itself through the artist's eyes. But what about the through art itself?  What does it say? Could there be meetings between the subjects, discussing colors and technique, do they talk about how and where they wish to be seen? Or do they gossip about the new painting that was just put up down the hall.  It's going to be to interesting to explore this. To come up with possible scenerios.

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African Bluebells Song

Listen to the African Bluebell's Song.

African Blue Bells

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From left to Right

Akili, Imani, Kenya, Ashanti or Sasha

African Bluebell Story

The African Blue Bells from the City of Berry


African Blue Bells

from the City of Berry

Living in an orphanage in Africa, these five girls wondered and dreamed of being adopted by one or two wonderful parents. But the challange for their future parent or parents, was to take all five of them, even if they were not related to each other.   They were not related. Or at least not all five of them.  Two were actually sisters by blood.  But the rest were bounded together by sister -friendship. They were inseparatable.  They made a packed that they were sisters and would not be split up, even if it meant that they wouldn't be adopted.  They would stay together, and call them sisters even when they got older and would leave the orphanage. 

A year had gone by and still not a parent or parents that would agree to take them all together.  But it didn't bother them too much because they had each other.  As they made their packed of being sisters, they also made a pledge to be teachers.  Teachers of health, art and music, science reading and writing. They would together open a school to give kids like them and feelin of hope.

Stay tuned to hear a song they wrote called "We the African Blue Bells"