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This blog is especially for those with an interest of doll artistry, and for those who are new to this wonderful art form.  In this blog, you will have a chance to learn about the concepts and visions behind the world of doll artistry.  Although it goes a little beyond technique.  It is more about vision, and how the fabrics and types of art styles can allow for an artful expression.  This blog is meant to introduce you to this form of art and to open opportunities for you to learn about the wonderful work of doll art.



Doll Artistry: Why the combination of Folk and Steampunk?

Hello Doll Art Newbies.  We have all observed together that dolls of art can be made from various materials, as well as a combination of them.  We talked in our previous blog, that doll art can be made with a mixture of materials, of what we call mixed media. With mixed media, there is a mixture of materials such fabrics, beads, leathers, paper, felt, cloth, metals and so on.  I do want to address this further, because it’s a wonderful way to spot doll art, and the many forms that doll art can take; which is mainly why I’m sharing this type of blog with you. You don’t have to memorize how to identify dolls of art. You are only invited to open your awareness and to see the many capabilities, capacities and unexpectedness of the doll art world. 

There is more to the concept of “mixed” and there is a bit of a twist with it as well. Doll artists can choose to have a combination of styles in one doll art form. Why? One reason is to be unpredictable. It is something that doll artists choose, in order to engage the mind of viewers such as yourself. Not necessarily to keep you guessing, but to broaden the mind and to have you escape into the confines of doll art.  And to do this at times, doll artist offer the gift of a collage in a single doll.

The photo you are looking at, is doll art that has a combination of styles. As we look at the doll in the photo, I want to indicate the two styles we are looking at.  The first style would be folkloric. How so? We have our cloth doll, which is one of the many forms, that represent folkloric style. Folkloric, using the cloth doll, is a style that represents that of everyday life, a piece of our current world that we are not strangers to. Folk also represents something that has a subject matter that we can relate to and is a regular part of our living existence.  In this case, it is yoga. We may not all engage in yoga, but we do know it is part of our existence or choice of exercise.  Also cloth dolls, are something we may have some nostalgic memories about, from our childhood. But there is something else that has been added to this doll’s folkloric existence.  And that is the second style calledSteampunk. 

Steampunk is described on Wikipedia as “a sub genre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.” What does that mean with the work of doll artistry?  It’s mechanical parts added to an imaginative form of costuming, which creates a fantastic image of familiarity within a world of pure fantasy.

Why the combination of folkloric and steampunk styles? It’s just a way to be creative and to express the feeling of the unexpectedness. It is something that you would not normally see in dolls. And that is the beauty of what you see.  It’s in doll art that doll artist can explore various styles, so that minds like yours and mine can be engaged fully instead feeling unhelpful boredom.

It’s an interesting piece of doll artistry, in it’s form and the way it was constructed (cloth and mechanical pieces) But know that it is an evolving process. What do I mean by this? While an artist can be working on the doll, having an ideal theme in mind,  the work can shift, as a different form of imagery and vision enters in. Another words, inspiration arises! It changes gears, from where the doll artist started from, and then moved into something unexpectedly different.  

I have shared with you a mountainous of concepts in this one blog; the two styles, the unexpected reasons behind the making of dolls, the combinations of styles (folkloric and steampunk) and the style specifications, for you to identify in doll art.  But whatdo we begin to see with these two styles and how does it unfold before our eyes.  Next time I will focus on that very subject. 

This is all about opening our eyes to see how glorious it is, to look at the capabilities, capacities and unexpectedness of doll creations, within the world doll art. And it’s even more wonderful to experience it. Until next time.