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This blog is especially for those with an interest of doll artistry, and for those who are new to this wonderful art form.  In this blog, you will have a chance to learn about the concepts and visions behind the world of doll artistry.  Although it goes a little beyond technique.  It is more about vision, and how the fabrics and types of art styles can allow for an artful expression.  This blog is meant to introduce you to this form of art and to open opportunities for you to learn about the wonderful work of doll art.



The Combination of Steampunk and Folk In Doll Artistry

Last time we spoke, it was about mixed media, and the combination of Folk and the style of Steampunk. But with these styles, ideals and concepts are created in the making of doll of art.  What do I mean by that? Meaning, there are ways that costuming is used in producing an expression, a meaning and emotion behind a common theme. The colors and fabrics used, can help with portraying a specific message. It’s a deep thought, but it’s important to understand how many wonderful possibilities there are in seeing the vision in doll art.  Let’s take a close look at some folk and steampunk dolls to demonstrate those particular meanings and concepts. 


Yoga, is something that we can say is part of our worldly lives. Even if we don’t engage in yoga, we generally know something about it. It’s health benefits of fighting off stress, relaxing our bodies and mind.  That would be the folkloric part of the doll art. The Steampunk, used in the doll art, is to express the individuality. Though steampunk has it own definition, the meaning here in this particularly piece of doll art, is to express uniqueness, individuality. There is also a feel of strength, sophistication, a chance to allow the self to be without judgement or without care; Not worrying about having to measure up to others that are different from you.  To put this all together. Yoga, in this doll art, is a vehicle to illustrate, how the true self is comfortably revealed. To embrace that true self.  To fix the parts that are broken in order to be the wonderful person you aim to be. It’s a message of which the two styles of folk and steampunk are used to express this message and meaning.


In the photo, the doll is wearing costuming of a jumper, made from a soft, off white, knit fabric.  The fabric of knit, is a very stretchy, but comfortable and light material that is appropriate for meditating in yoga. As you can imagine, stretching with a cool fabric, is the best attire to fully indulge in this mind and body exercise.  The jumper, on the doll, is baggy in the legs, to allow flexibility and yet form fitting to define the shape of the body. It’s another way to emphasize one’s individuality. I will talk more on this, in just a moment. 


Adorning the jumper, are cogs and wires. This is a style you see most, in steampunk. The wires are wrapped around one arm and up to a mouthpiece, which is attached to the ear. It has a look of a headset, although not seen in the photo, it is attached to a metallic pack in the back of the doll. The cogs and wire, allows the steampunk style, to speak a message to us. To demonstrate that something can be fixed, improved; that there is also strength and sophistication which allows you to listen to your body.

In Yoga, there is a gift to you, to learn to listen to your body, to embrace your limitations. Another words, appreciate who you are. Which brings us back to the form fitting jumper. it’s to further emphasize embracing our selves, our minds and our bodies.  The colorful, fuzzy and puffy hair, is another testimony to appreciating our individuality. That is a form that is taken from Steampunk.  The remaining parts of the doll art, is to express being in a place of comfort in yoga. A place where you can feel safe and to learn to understand and listen to yourself. The doll is sitting on fluffy pillow, set up on a stable platform. It is set up high above the ground, not necessarily in regards to height. But feeling. When you are feeling yourself, embracing and knowing your limitations, you feel good, on air, lifted, elated.  It is amazing about the concepts that can be seen in doll artistry.  Look forward to sharing more with you.